Creating Voice Applications

WordPress and Amazon Alexa

Tom Harrigan

Players in the Game

Voice is Everywhere

VoiceWP plugin

Github Repo

Demo: Freer | Sackler Gallery Smithsonian

Demo: Entertainment Weekly

How Alexa Skills Work

Credit: John Kelvie The Alexa Model Is Better

The case for WP as a means of Skill creation

  • Content already exists in WordPress
  • Team already familiar with WP Admin dashboard
  • Easy means of managing, curating, creating content and experiences
  • WP already meets the requirements for creating skills:
    • SSL certificate
    • Ability to serve JSON via WP REST API endpoints

How WP and Alexa can work together: REST API

What can I create?

  • Have a paywall? Use account linking to make paid content available to your customers on Alexa
  • General content consumption
  • Podcast delivery
  • Trivia games, facts, quotes
  • Choose your own adventure stories
  • Recipes, events/calendars, etc


  • In-Skill Purchases
    • Entitlements – One time purchases
    • Subscriptions – Premium content/experience, limited time
  • Amazon Pay for Alexa: Charge for physical goods and services
  • Ads: Flash Briefings and Podcast-style skills (long form audio)
  • Alexa Developer Rewards Program

VoiceWP V2.0

V2 release within next week

  • Display Support for Echo Show + Echo Spot
  • Podcast skill type + AudioPlayer support
  • Integration with Amazon Polly for WordPress plugin


  • In-Skill Purchasing
  • Amazon Pay
  • SMAPI support (publish skills via API, no copy/pasting)
  • Interview and quiz/trivia skill types
  • German + Japanese language support